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With a bright forecast for the packaging industry, product codes and packaging systems have acquired great significance in trade and marketing of any product. The ability to trace a product through its entire life cycle continues to gain importance in today's complex business world. Place a code on a product and one creates an identity. Our company, Rikosys Code & Pack Private Limited was established in 1987 to fill a gap in the product marking and packaging industry. Our company is continually breaking ground in the fields of customized special application coding & packaging systems.

Roller Coder Kit

Spring-back Action marks in a single consistent movement and then returns back to position zero position after each marking The Side Springs maintains an even Pressure on the printing area thus ensuring clear impressions.
Adjustable Eccentric Washer ensures parallel and even contact with the ink Cartridge and rubber stereos resulting in exceptional impressions.
Ink Cartridges are simple to mount, long lasting without the need for frequent recharging. The Ink Cartridge can be charged by placing it in a closed jar of ink for about 30 minutes.
Precision Molded Interlocking Rubber Stereos Ensures crisp prints and provides secure attachment to the MASTER CODER User Friendly application enables even an untrained person can simply mark 50 impressions per minute.