Batch Coding Inks, Deskjet Inks, Inkjet Inks, Batch Coding Inks Manufacturer, Mumbai, India

With a bright forecast for the packaging industry, product codes and packaging systems have acquired great significance in trade and marketing of any product. The ability to trace a product through its entire life cycle continues to gain importance in today's complex business world. Place a code on a product and one creates an identity. Our company, Rikosys Code & Pack Private Limited was established in 1987 to fill a gap in the product marking and packaging industry. Our company is continually breaking ground in the fields of customized special application coding & packaging systems.


Batch Coding Inks/Deskjet Inks / Inkjet Inks  
    Specially Inks for:
    Inkjet printers/coder
    Deskjet Printers
    Pre-ink stamps
    Roller coders/carton coders
    Ink aids/solvents/wash out/Top-UP solution
    Digital Inks for wide format printers
    Typically applications for making shipper codes,Batch No./lot No.,Mfg.,Exp Dt.,Price which are used on the following substrates.
    1.Dairy industry
    2.Food industry
    6.Pesticides & Insecticides
    7.Edible oil Industry
    8.Plywood Industry
    10.Agro Chemicals
    11.Asbestos cement Sheets
    12.corrugated steel Sheets
    13.seed & Fertilizers
    14.Packaging Exports
    16.Leather Industry
    17.Cement Industry
    18.Personal care Products
Batch Coding Inks/Deskjet Inks / Inkjet Inks